Sara Jo Light

Annually saved 15 million gallons of water
and $57,000 in water fees
(the annual water use of 150 Highlands Ranch homes)

Sara Jo "SJ"

Protect CO's Great Outdoors - Save Our Water
Centennial Water and Sanitation District Board member

  • Water issue

    Colorado's water crisis

Meet Sara Jo "SJ"


Passing Water Legislation

Co-Chair of the Sierra Club Legislative Committee
protecting our great outdoors

Conserving Water

Planting drought resistant trees

Cleaning Up Our Waterways

Clearing litter in the Highline Canal

Educating Our Residents

Teaching others how to protect our water

Receiving Volunteer of the Year Award

Sierra Club's award for protecting our environment


Founding Board Chair; now in their 32nd year, raised or leveraged $1.8 billion for housing & business development loans in low-moderate income neighborhoods

Chicago Housing Authority

Board Chair - Chicago Housing authority non-profit to support low-income resident projects to improve their lives




  • Protecting CO's great outdoors has been my passion for over three decades

  • Colorado's water crisis is only getting worse & our great outdoors are suffering

  • I feel strongly that our children & grandchildren deserve access to clean water & the great outdoors as our legacy

Results - I get things done throughout Colorado

  • Reduced Highlands Ranch Wind Crest Community water usage (saved 15 million gallons & $57,000 in water fees annually); this is the annual water usage of 150 Highlands Ranch homes

  • Championed the passage of numerous bipartisan bills in the CO legislature to protect our water & preserve CO's way of life


  • 30 years as a senior business executive in four industries, world-wide

  • Board Chair of two large non-profit organizations

  • Created & led a 300 member legislative team to protect our great outdoors

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We support SaraJo4Water

  • Glenn L. Howard, P.E., Environmental Engineer for 23 years at the Bureau Reclamation Denver Office, Water Treatment and Research Group

  • Allen Dreher, Highlands Ranch Metro District, retired

  • Tom Schmugge, Retired Physical Scientist, Fellow American Geophysical Union, Fellow Institute of Electrical Engineers

  • Lisa Neal-Graves, Parker Water and Sanitation District

  • Delia Malone, Wildlife Chair, CO Sierra Club

  • Bill Clagett, Retired Consultant to the Navajo Nation

  • Gayle Larson, Environmental Advisor

  • Calvin L. Holms, President of the Chicago Community Loan Fund

  • Barbara Bower, Assistant Security Officer for the US Navy Bureau of Ships and the Custodian for Top Secret and Registered Publications; Real Estate Broker; Currently Retired

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Colorado's Water crisis is damaging CO's Great Outdoors


"When the well is dry,
we'll know the worth of water"

by Benjamin Franklin


The greatly diminished water of Lake Powell; the 2nd largest reservoir in the US
Getty images


Bison walk along a section of the disappearing Great Salt Lake
Getty images

  ... and things are not getting better, especially for the Colorado river

  • Lake Mead & Lake Powell are down 73%; they provide the water for Hoover and Grand Canyon Dams that support the electricity grid for 13 million people

  • Great Salt Lake will be dried up in 2024 - a devastating impact to the 100 million migratory birds who depend on its brine shrimp.

  • The seven states in the Colorado Compact (CO, NV, AZ, NM, CA, WY, UT) missed the February 2023 deadline to reach a new agreement to reduce their use of the Colorado River - the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation is threatening to take over and mandate the water usage of the Colorado River.

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"We forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one."  
Jacques Cousteau